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CompuFort Internet Services joins Edge Broadband
January 1st 2019

Edge Broadband CompuFort


Edge Broadband announced today that it has acquired CompuFort Internet Services, a wireless Internet service provider serving customers throughout south-east Wisconsin. Edge Broadband plans to complete a comprehensive upgrade to the CompuFort fixed wireless network over the coming months. Current customers will have access to more data, more speed and more reliable service.

Edge Broadband is working to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible for customers and we appreciate your patience during this process.

Feel free to contact us @ billing@edgebroadband.com contact our office at 262-458-4220 Thank you

All bills can be now viewed and paid on the Edge Broadband billing portal at http://portal.edgebroadband.com 

You can access your CompuFort webmail at https://webmail.compufort.com 

CompuFort Computers and Networking is still offering PC repair and Tune-Ups.
You can view their website https://compufortcomputers.com or call them directly at 920-563-8712

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